Children's developing bodies are distinctly different from adults, especially in the way they are affected by illnesses and injuries. Victoria Hospital 's board-certified pediatricians and specially trained pediatric nurses are experienced in providing personalized medical and compassionate care that considers each child's physical, social and emotional growth. Using the most advanced practices and technology, the extraordinary staff helps youngsters feel better during their illness and conquer their fears about diagnostic tests and treatments.

Specialized Services:

   - An inpatient pediatrics unit staffed by pediatric nurses certified in pediatric advanced life support
   - Round-the-clock coverage by board-certified pediatricians
    -Pediatric surgery, including many outpatient procedures, performed by specially trained pediatric surgeons and subspecialists, including pediatric urologists
    -High-level nursery care
    -Headache/migraine experts for pediatric patients
    -Sniffles Club

Advanced Neurologic Care for Pediatric Patients

Chronic Headaches and Migraines

Specially trained neurologists treat children with chronic headaches and migraines with a number of approaches. They evaluate each child and based on the pediatric patient's history, symptoms and prior treatments, create a personal approach to treat the unrelenting pain.

Children are brought to the pediatric unit for treatment and cared for by pediatric specialists.



Children who are having an epileptic seizure and come to Victoria Hospital's emergency department (ED) are evaluated and then brought to the pediatric unit where they are monitored and treated by specialists in neurophysiology. On the pediatric floor, they are cared for by a team of experts who are experienced in treating epilepsy in a soothing, child-friendly environment.

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