At Victoria Hospital, we understand that you might not want to or are unable to leave your home/hotel to see a doctor but don’t worry, we got you covered. Victoria Hospital a 24 hour house/hotel calls service to patients at where ever they might be. Rest in the comfort of your own home/hotel and allow the medical team to come to you.

Call +260 95 5255798. +260 21 1290985 and be prepared to give us the following information:

  • Chief medical complaint
  • Level of consciousness
  • Any breathing difficulty?
  • Any severe bleeding
  • History of drug allergy

Our team of dedicated doctors and nurses will attend to you as you as soon as possible. We are equipped to manage most situations from general medical consultation to minor medical procedures. You may refer to the complete list of services we provide on house call below:

  • Medical Consultations (at home / hotel)
  • Post Hospitalisation Consultations at home
  • Wound Care Management
  • Follow Up Treatments
  • Provide administration of injection procedure
  • Perform procedures such as insertion of nasogastric tube and urine catheter

Make an Appointment

Let us know what the problem is and when you would like to come in

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 8.30 - 18.30
Saturday: 10.30 - 16.30
Sunday: 10.30 - 16:30