Emergency Department

Welcome to Emergency Services a Victoria Hospital. Emergency Services at VH encompasses so much more than the classic "ER". We are an integrated team providing urgent or emergent care to critically ill and/or seriously injured persons. VH provides a valuable service to the community and region, offering high-quality care to patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Board certified Emergency physicians oversee patient care, along with the treatment team that consists of emergency registered nurses, and health unit coordinators. Additional expert consultation is readily available to the Emergency Physicians as needed in virtually all medical and surgical specialties here at VH and at a nearby level one trauma center.

Emergency nurses working alongside physicians provide the backbone of the team at VH's Emergency Department providing high quality, patient and family centered, compassionate emergency care.

The Emergency Department continually seeks opportunities to invite nursing students for clinical rotations in the Emergency Department setting. The Emergency Department is also a teaching ground for all levels of emergency medical technicians.

All of the Emergency Department's internal entrances are secure; enhancing privacy and security for patients, their families and our staff.

Victoria Hospital is located 20 minutes or less from nearly all of the communities we serve. We can stabilize your condition and if necessary admit you to the hospital or transport you to a tertiary care center in a timely, caring manner, using an ambulance.

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